Macquarie's award-winning PACE initiative is a signature program with a focus on graduate employment

The one certainty about the workplace of the future is that it won’t stand still.

当我们在新战略神殿前膜拜时, 技术, 可持续性, 和多样性, 很可能是在一间变形办公室里, the employee of the 21st century will need to be hard-wired for change.

十大外围app meets this challenge head-on with PACE (Professional and Community Engagement), a program that trains students to be Olympically nimble, 确保他们磨练解决问题的能力, 批判性思维, 文化能力, 和创造力, 密切关注就业能力. 工作经验太丰富了.

PACE aims to produce engaged and active employees who can problem-solve and grapple with the ethics and complexities of the workplace, in the process expanding career opportunities and social networks and developing cross-cultural competencies. Above all, PACE boosts a graduate’s confidence in his or her abilities.


多米尼克多米尼克 Parrish教授说, Office of the Pro Vice Chancellor (Learning and Teaching), 负责速度, “for a long time there was a disconnect between knowing the thinking and theories of a discipline and its application in the workplace.”

The pool of partners in students’ pursuit of industry expertise number 3000 companies, 在澳洲及海外, 不同的范围, 规模和种类. 公司, 政府, 非政府, 教育, 社区部门也提供实习机会, 实地考察旅行, 海外配售, 指导, 和peer-assisted研究.

Students have the opportunity to explore areas of interest such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, 海洋生物学, 性健康, 数据分析, 网络安全, 社交媒体营销, 和人道主义行动.

“They actually build a toolkit,” 帕里什教授说. “他们学习的单元, 主要是在期末考试, 顶石, 一年, 是由互惠和反思实践支撑的吗, which tap into the psychology of the 现代 office – noting that the 现代 office experience has the added complexity of being online  and digital at some of the time.

“It’s crucial that students think deeply about what they experience during their engagement with partners - to look at the reactions, 行为, 的情况下, 或办公室动力学, and consider ways things might have been done differently. 例如, what would the outcome have been if someone had not raised their voice, 保持平静, 听更多的, 问更多的问题?

“所以下次学生遇到类似的情况时, they can draw on the strategies they have built to deal with the present circumstance.”


PACE was initiated in 2008 and developed under the leadership of the then program director Lindie Clarke, 在随后的几年里充实起来, 并于2012年首次实施. Since 2016 more than 30,000 undergraduates have incorporated PACE units into their studies.

“It started as an opportunity for students to develop global citizenship,” 帕里什教授说. “在当时,这是一个新的想法. But very quickly, the Work Integrated Learning sector caught up. 的实践经验, that experiential learning – it’s important for students to have that as part of their degree. They don't want to simply sit in a classroom; they want to be able to experience the real world of work.”

至于互惠性, 帕里什教授说, 合作机构变好, 现代, 将新想法注入工作场所. “Contemporary thinking, skills and knowledge is what we try to deliver. They get a fresh lens on the solution beyond, ‘This is what we can do’. To have that broad range of perspectives and ideas is vital in a workplace.”


马特马修·戴尔, 26, 现在是安永(EY)的数据分析高级顾问, has experienced the PACE program from both sides of the coin: student and mentor.

Dale graduated from 十大外围app in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science, 信息系统和商业分析专业, 以及金融专业的商业学士学位. 他最后一年在安永的PACE位置, developing an automation solution for synchronising physical and digital scrum boards, led to a position with the global professional services network, where he now heads up their internal PACE program which looks to Macquarie for its potential hires.

“PACE gave me the opportunity to enter a professional working environment for the first time,”他说. “It allowed me to see how, for example, a tech consulting firm operated day to day.

“You network with employees in your field before you actually enter the workplace. It gives you exposure to a wide range of people, from current graduates to senior partners.”

At EY, Dale is now well placed to understand what’s at the heart of employability.

“It’s important to hire someone willing to share their opinion, to be vocal,”他说. “在虚拟会议中隐藏自己很容易. Having confidence in your own ability and being able to speak up and share opinions is one of the most valuable workplace assets.”

“An opinion from a graduate might be the difference between landing a multi-million-dollar contract or not, or they might offer the piece of information we need to deliver something that really makes a difference to a client.”

When 马修·戴尔 first meets 十大外围app PACE students, he tells them they’re embarking on a 15-week job interview. “We’re giving them every possible opportunity to prove themselves. If they can prove they have the right attitude and skills, 最后他们会有一份稳定的工作.”