Hear from our students and their parents

“How I knew Macquarie was the best university for my daughter”

Amelia Clubb is a second-year student at Macquarie University, studying a Bachelor of Clinical Science. She and her mother, Lauren, visited the Macquarie Open Day and were impressed not only by the course offerings, but also the world-class facilities, welcoming environment and expansive campus facilities.

“I knew that after spending time at Explore Your Options Week with many different student ambassadors, staff and campus tours, Macquarie was the place for me,” says Amelia. “I loved the warm and inclusive culture that I saw ingrained within the MQ community from the moment I walked onto campus.”

The unique academic opportunities at Macquarie were a big drawcard too; Clinical Science was Amelia’s top choice and was not offered at any other University.

“With my degree being only two years, I loved how it was very medicine-focused and hands on. I was really drawn to the PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program and the emphasis on personal development and employability opportunities,” says Amelia.

“I highly recommend attending the Open Day events with your parents and carers. Not only did my Mum and I have a great, fun day together, it enabled her to ask questions I may have missed and offer advice to help me decide on a degree that was best for me.”

Why I love Macquarie – a parent’s perspective

1. A warm, inclusive community

“It was the words ‘welcome to Macquarie, welcome to our family’ at the parent welcome and information evening that made me realise Amelia was in the right place for the next stage of her education,” says Lauren. “Macquarie creates an environment where all individuals are a part of a larger community, feel valued and supported. It was important for us that Amelia chose a university that was warm, welcoming and inclusive.”

2. Unique and varied academic opportunities

“What impressed me most about Macquarie was the unique academic opportunities available to the students. Amelia had her heart set on Clinical Science from very early on in Year 12. I really liked that the two-year structure incorporates the necessary medicine foundations and personal development opportunities to facilitate student transition into postgraduate medicine.”

3. The beautiful, expansive campus

“The open, expansive recreation and green areas are amazing and give students ample opportunities to form friendships, participate in activities outside the classroom and enjoy the social aspect of university life. I loved seeing the variety of study spaces available, both outdoor and indoor. There is a calm, relaxing learning environment on campus.”

4. A wide range of clubs and societies

“Macquarie places value and emphasis on participation in academic, social and sport opportunities. Amelia loves sport, so it was great to see the range of facilities including basketball courts, swimming pools and soccer fields. She now plays basketball in a mixed team which has been a new experience.”

5. State-of-the-art facilities

“The new Medicine Precinct for the Medicine, Health and Human Science Faculty is absolutely outstanding. It has been designed to mimic the Harvard medicine teaching style, ensuring students have access to cutting-edge learning resources and opportunities.”

6. Focus on student wellbeing

“The student wellbeing team is fantastic. They are very proactive and have provided personalised support unique to Amelia, ensuring she flourishes in her degree and at university. I have seen first-hand how the student wellbeing services help students go from strength to strength, and I am grateful to them.”

7. The unique PACE program

“The PACE program was a huge factor in helping Amelia make her decision. It was great to see how Macquarie incorporated PACE into all their units to provide professional development opportunities and focus on strengthening student’s communication and collaborative teamwork skills, which are central for success in any profession. For Amelia’s PACE placement she is just about to start work with a cardio electrophysiologist and anaesthesiologist. It’s so exciting that Clinical Science gives her the opportunity to complete this work experience within her degree.”

8. Career prospects and employability

“Macquarie was a stand-out because they not only provided detailed information about the degrees on offer but talked about prospective jobs that degrees could lead to after graduation. I loved hearing about the students’ access to the Career Hub while at university and after finishing their degree – where students are assisted with finding employment opportunities, applying for jobs and writing resumes.”

9. Student safety and security

“As a parent, you always have the concern of whether your child is safe where they are. It was really comforting to see the extensive 24/7 security team and security resources in place around campus, especially when students are studying late at night. Amelia has locked herself out of classrooms multiple times and even lost her car keys, so she has come to know the security staff well.”

10. Learning practical skills for life

“It was important for Amelia to have a large practical aspect to her degree – which is exactly how Clinical Science has been designed. Amelia is always coming home with fabulous stories of what she has done in the wet labs, simulation labs and case study rooms. I must admit, I do have Uni envy at times.”

Author: Nicola Conville