We prepare for your future in the financial sector

We are preparing graduates for future leadership roles in the financial sector and equipping them to influence public policy and global thinking.


The field of applied 金融 is a dynamic area of study and research that is essential for the operation of a modern economy.

Our teaching programs develop both theoretical knowledge and academic understanding alongside practical problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


Our areas of expertise include:

  • 业务评价
  • 公司的财政
  • 金融
  • 金融风险管理
  • 基金管理
  • 投资
  • 项目组合管理
  • 可持续金融.


Everything we do is informed by our cutting-edge research, which is internationally acclaimed and published in the leading academic journals in our disciplines and in the mainstream media.

Our 金融决策实验室 (FDL) brings active learning and current financial simulations together. This is a collaborative space where real-time financial data and analytics, global business intelligence and your analytical contribution meet.



By studying in one of our flexible and tailored applied 金融 programs you’ll learn about financial markets, 公司财务与分析. You'll gain practical leadership skills in communication, ethics and professionalism.


Our degrees are recognised by the CFA Institute.