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Join a new generation of changemakers where status quos are shattered, and business is reimagined.

Macquarie Business School rethinks, reimagines and rewrites the rules of business, so our community of students, staff, alumni and partners can find their purpose and collaborate to deliver solutions and ideas with global impact.

Macquarie Business School takes a progressive, cross-disciplinary approach to research and education that unlocks industry’s potential to drive beneficial change and sustainable outcomes in the world.

Together, with your ambition and our support, we can shape the future. That’s you to the power of us.

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Undergraduate courses

Unlock your potential with our comprehensive preparation for a business and finance career.

Postgraduate courses

Deepen your connection to industry, find your purpose, reimagine your professional career.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management

Develop leadership skills through practical and innovative thinking in a global context. Find out more about our Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Macquarie Applied  Finance Centre (MAFC)

Learn to apply finance theory in beneficial, sustainable ways to ensure your finance skills have real social outcomes.

Higher degree research

Collaborate with academics and industry connections to drive research with real impact.

Short courses

Build your organisational and individual capabilities through our flexible, accessible and innovative professional development courses.

Build tomorrow

Discover an education inspired by the rapidly changing world of business. Flexible structures, innovative classrooms built for collaboration, a renowned MBA and world-leading research. When your passion is multiplied by our collective, you can create far-reaching impact.

That's You to the power of us.



Our research

Macquarie Business School has a reputation for research excellence founded on collaboration – including partnerships with industry and government – bold strategies and boundless ambition to give you the freedom to pursue solutions with positive global impact.

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Business connect

Connect with us and share our powerful insights, influential connections, innovative learning programs and collaborative opportunities, or recruit a future leader for your business.


We are proud of our active community of influential and like-minded alumni from all sectors and vocations. Our alumni events and relations give Macquarie graduates a lifelong global network of diverse connections. Learn more

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